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You have come to the right place for everything education related. I am an educator, tutor, entrepreneur, and mother. Through my content resources and services, I hope to be there for your needs.

Katherine Fils Leader In Education

Leadership Style

High-school gave her the first glimpse of her future career as an educator with courses like, early childhood education. As a scholarship student and a member of the Educational Honor Society, Kappa Delta Pi; she reinforced the foundation to become one of the leaders in education.


Katherine Fils Private Tutoring Nationwide

University Years

Her experiences in student teaching is where she shined the most. She was able to connect with the students, differentiate to meet their needs, and become a role model to other educators in the field and to the students who she came in contact with.


Katherine Fils 10 Plus Years Teaching

Over 10 years of Teaching

It has been over 10 years since Katherine started in education and to this day her aim has been to help students young, old, and of all socioeconomic backgrounds, to learn something new each day, and get ahead in their learning.


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Katherine-Fils Educator Tutor

About Katherine

It was during the summer of 1993 and in the mail came a letter from Katherine’s soon to be third grade teacher. Unexpected yet excited to have received mail, Katherine read about how delighted her teacher was to be able to teach her in the upcoming school year. This simple gesture let her know that after a previous year of struggle in her academics that there was someone who cared about forming a relationship based on a mutual trust and dedication to her students.


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