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About Katherine –
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It started with a letter

It was during the summer of 1993 and in the mail came a letter from Katherine’s soon to be third grade teacher. Unexpected yet excited to have received mail, Katherine read about how delighted her teacher was to be able to teach her in the upcoming school year. This simple gesture let her know that after a previous year of struggle in her academics that there was someone who cared about forming a relationship based on a mutual trust and dedication to her students.

The teaching spark!

Her admiration for her teacher is what sparked her desire to make an impact on other people’s lives and education.[3] “She played school with her dolls all the time and asked for a Xerox machine for Christmas one year. I guess this was her way of showing how much she really loved the work that her teachers imparted on her”, her mother explained when mentioning Katherine’s spark for being an educator.


From that point on, Katherine excelled in her academics with the goal of becoming a leader in the field of education. High-school gave her a first glimpse of her future career as an educator with courses like, early childhood education. As a scholarship student and a member of the Educational Honor Society, Kappa Delta Pi; she reinforced the foundation to become one of the leaders in education.

Katherine Fils Leader
Katherine Fils University Years-Jacksonville University

University Years

As a undergraduate student, programs where she was able to research and tutor students to learn how to read gave her the ability to shine the most. Her experiences in student teaching is where she shined the most. She was able to connect with the students, differentiate to meet their needs, and become a role model to other educators in the field and to the students who she came in contact with. Without surprise, she still maintains these characteristics today.

Over 10 years teaching

It has been over 10 years since Katherine has been in education and to this day her aim has been to help students young, old, of all socioeconomic backgrounds, to learn something new each day, and get ahead in their learning. She continuously enrolls herself in professional development courses to stay current and learn new strategies and equip herself with resources that will benefit others.

Katherine Fils 10 Years Tutoring
Katherine Fils-PhD Candidate In Education

PhD Candidate

In over 10 years as an educator, Katherine has been able to empower students young, old and of many socioeconomic backgrounds. Her aim continues to broaden their scope of learning each day in and out of the classroom. As a current Doctoral student; she will be researching and gaining more tools to further the progress of education in America.


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